Katinka Pilscheur

Mittwoch, 18. Mai, 20.00 Uhr 

Atelierhaus Prenzlauer Promenade, Prenzlauer Promenade 149-152, 13189 Berlin

Holz, Aluminium, Kubanischer Autolack
Ausstellungsansicht Galerie koal

The works of Katinka Pilscheur (b. Herdecke an der Ruhr, 1974, today lives and works in Berlin) are on the range of paintings, sculptures and architecture.

Pilscheur exploits her unique understanding of the exhibition space to create art which challenges the limits of space and matter. Her use of space is dual- referring to it as a reference from which she attracts inspiration and at the same time as her blank canvas or untouched clay which she can then shape to her requirements.

This dual action creates 3-dimensional works which function as art as well as architecture, giving the viewer a comprehensive experience. Using everyday materials and absorbing inspiration from everyday life, Pilscheur challenges not only the conception of space but also the notion of art. The uncertain objects and the unconventional materials the artist uses, though may seem familiar, are positioned and altered in a way which transforms them to something we were yet to experience.

Daniela Tenen