Ulrike Mohr

Mittwoch, 12.Oktober, 20.00 Uhr 

Ex-Rotaprint,Gottschedstraße 4,13357 Berlin

Carbon 0112358 
Spatial drawing made from beech and pine charcoal
Dimensions variable

Ulrike Mohr’s artistic approach utilizes material transformation processes that are influenced not only by complex research and handed-down knowledge, but also by chance occurrences. 

Her position as a sculptor arises from the observation of nature and a process-oriented treatment of context-related materials, which she transfers into poetic installations whose temporal dimensions are intrinsic to the ephemeral substances. Over the past years, the burning of char has become a central modus operandi in her work. This today almost extinct profession of gradually heating wood in the absence of air until it is rendered physically constant is practiced by the artist herself, taking into account the various historical, cultural, environmental and metaphorical implications associated with carbon. 

Mohr refers to her works as “spatial drawings” – drawings made with charcoal, one of the oldest drawing material, but not by applying pigment on paper, but manifest as lines in three-dimensional space. Her rotating charcoal column responds to one of the characteristic architectural features of CoCA Toruń(though one which is most often disguised by the built-in exhibition design), while the new spatial drawing Carbon 0112358 playfully refers to the Fibonacci ratio. While previous installations focused on the natural property of the material, like the traces of growth visible in different kinds of wood that she mostly collects on site, the artist here used industrially cut timber beans to achieve a more minimalist aesthetic.

Eva Scharrer