Diana Sirianni

Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017, 20:30 Uhr

Diana SirianniUntitled | posters and cardboard | 
urban intervention | Berlin | 2017

13th December, 20:30 h
I was born in Rome, Italy in 1982. Before moving to Berlin ten years ago to study visual arts at the UdK (by Gregor Schneider), I´ve studied Philosophy in Rome.
My artistic practice crosses the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, video, relational art and investigates visual, spacial, psychological systems of reference and meaning. It has as a background a reflection on the medium and its structures.
In the last three years I shifted my focus onto the investigation of contextual social structures and started to reflect about the spaces where I´ve been exhibiting as a material conveying social information, which brought me to investigate the public space.
 I am also interested in the relationship between body and space. I see space, even digital space, as an impermanent construction arising from the presence and movement of the body. I myself practice contemporary dance, yoga and I became in the last years a somatic coacher, an activity that complements financially and humanly my engagement as an artist.
Two years ago I´ve started an artistic collaboration with the dancer/choreographer Naama Ityel, realizing workshops about visual, space and body at the UdK “Collage as an Attitude” and “Contact-Lenses” at the museum ZKR (Zentrum für Kunst und öffentlichen Raum). In January 2018 they will facilitate another workshop at the University of Art in Berlin: “Empowerment workshop for artists* in the capitalist era”.
Text: Diana Sirianni