Philip Topolovac

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2022 um 20.00 Uhr 

Das Gespräch findet im Atelier des Künstlers statt.

Philip TopolovacI´ve never been to Berghain, 2016; Photo: Ingo Lawaczeck, 2017

The questions of image and reality, of formats and sizes of the aesthetic, are constantly being raised in new ways by Philip Topolovac in his work. The mechanisation of the modern world, the omnipresence of technologies that hardly anyone still understands, and the changes this brings about in the way we perceive things, are themes that preoccupy Topolovac, as is the precise observation of landscapes.
Observant and playful, using the sense of touch or a historical perspective, he attempts to uncover the essence of things in his sculptures, installations, and series of slides. Philip Topolovac searches for the significant in the marginal. Ironically, the methods of observation that Topolovac presents to us reveal at the same time their limitations: everything perceived by the senses, the results of all observations, remain in the final analysis subordinate to the subjective interpretation of human beings.