Andreas Sell

Mittwoch, 27.02.2019 um 20.30 Uhr

Andreas Sell, German Evangelical Gay - #2, 2012, foam, MDF, synthetic leather, 
metal screws, 370 (l) x 154 (b) x 272 (h), Photo courtesy: Jule Felice Frommelt

Andreas Sell works on the creation of space. He maps out, builds, arranges and represents a space to receive the self and the other; a physical, mental and sentimental space to expose or protect, to be visited or inhabited. Thus his practice explores personal and social relationships and investigates how people engage with their surroundings. It involves processes of transition, adaptation, attachment and detachment, starting from his personal experience. His work coincides with his life story, resulting in both a material and immaterial narration.
After a long wander and life ‘on the road’, he returned to Berlin, his base at the time, for a little while. He worked for four months on dismantling and assembling anew the
furniture and appliances of his apartment transforming them into sculptures. His home was serving both as a living and working space while his everyday objects became sculptures that he could still use. He presented them in situ turning his apartment also into an exhibition space. The title of the show, German Evangelical Gay, 2012 recalls a classified ad applied to the supply and demand protocol; it gives too much and at the same time too little information about what is exhibited and who exhibits. The exhibition challenged the effort of categorization addressing the multiplicity of identities and eventual contradictions that one incorporates. At the end of the show he left again.
Galini Notti (excerpt from: Guidelines 2015-2012)